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5 Phases of CTC

Using prevention science as its base, CTC promotes healthy youth development, improves youth outcomes, and reduces problem behaviours. The 5-phase CTC process uses an early intervention and prevention framework to guide communities towards identifying and understanding their local needs, setting priorities, and implementing tested effective strategies to address those needs.


Phase 1 – Get Started

Communities prepare for action by working to identify and recruit relevant community stakeholders and key decision-makers to the Communities That Care process.

Phase 2 – Get Organised

The Community Board, Key Leader Group and relevant governance structures are established to guide decision making and planning for the CTC effort in the community.

Phase 3 – Develop a Profile

A Community Profile Report is prepared using data gathered from the CTC Youth Survey, public data, and assessments of existing community resources and strengths. The Community Board finalises priorities for action.

Phase 4 – Create a Plan

The Community Board develops a comprehensive Community Action Plan to guide prevention work in the community. This plan outlines chosen evidence-based programs, and relevant outcomes, and allocates roles and responsibility for implementation.

Phase 5 – Implement and Evaluate

Implementation of the Community Action Plan begins, and the Community Board and Key Leader Groups ensure that evidence-based programs and strategies are implemented with fidelity, and evaluated as planned.