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City of Knox, Victoria

CTC Knox is currently undertaking Phase 5 of the CTC process to implement, monitor and evaluate evidence based programs.

Communities that Care Knox commenced in April 2014 with funding from Healthy Together Knox.  In 2016 EACH assumed full responsibility and funding for the CTC program. 

A partnership of local community organizations, schools and private business collaborated to establish Communities that Care Knox and implement the CTC model.   In 2014  CTC Knox collected baseline for the Knox community. The data was drawn from publically available data and the administration of the CTC youth survey to students in Year 6, 8 and 10 in 2014.   The next data collection process is scheduled for 2018.

Through the analysis of the data, the partners identified the risk factors present in the community and prioritized ‘laws and norms favorable to substance, family conflict and low commitment to school’ for action. ‘Reducing alcohol consumption by young people’ and “addressing parent supply of alcohol’  are the partnership’s  primary objectives.

Using evidence based programs, Communities that Care Knox aim to

·         Reduce alcohol consumption in young people under 18 (Smart Generation)

·         Strengthen Families (parenting programs such as Tuning into Kids)

·         Strengthen young people’s commitment to school (Resilient Families)

For further information please contact CTC Knox coordinator Deborah Cocks on 9757 6297 or or visit