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Stonnington, Victoria

CTC Stonnington is currently undertaking Phase 5 of the CTC process to implement, monitor and evaluate evidence based programs.

CTC Stonnington was established in July 2016. The key outcome areas of focus include reducing adolescent alcohol intake, improving family functioning and improving school commitment. With thirty partners forming the Community Committee and priority focused subcommittees, CTC Stonnington is committed to implementing Tuning into Kids and Tuning into Teens, The Berry Street Education Model, Smart Generation and Sporting Club Alcohol Culture Change work, a community application of Emotional Regulation and Impulse Control (ERIC) and emerging work in gaming through evaluation of GameAware. CTC Stonnington’s work is informed by the Youth Voice, a reference group of 15+ year olds that provide a youth perspective to the data collected and programs prioritised. The Youth Voice highlighted the issue of youth mental health, leading to the created of the short film Talk About It. 
The film can be viewed here:

For more information about CTC Stonnington, please contact Amie Milkins – Communities That Care Coordinator on (03) 8644 3345.