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The Gatehouse Project


The Gatehouse Project is a school-based intervention designed to build the capacity of school communities to address the emotional and mental health needs of young people. The program includes classroom and whole-school components, providing strategies to increase students’ connectedness with the school, and increase students’ skills and knowledge for dealing with the challenges of daily life.

Evaluation Evidence

A rigorous evaluation of the Gatehouse strategy utilising random assignment of schools has been completed. Random assignment of schools to the program was associated with reductions in adolescent drug use (Bond et al., 2004), antisocial behaviour and risky sexual behaviour (Patton et al., 2006). The intervention is currently being disseminated and evaluated in Canada.

Monitoring Recommendations

  • Boards may need to employ a consultant to assist with developing monitoring and implementation plans.
  • Boards should negotiate agreements to receive regular progress reports and request to observe some activities.
  • Monitoring information should include: program coordination; training plans and delivery; and implementation of selected components.
  • Request pre-post monitoring of trends in risk and protective factors, and compare to control schools where feasible.

Implementation Tip

CTC Ltd. is interested in supporting Australian training events.


For information on currently available Australian expertise, contact:
Andrea Krelle
Centre for Adolescent Health

Program details
Target Audience: 
11 - 14 years
Target Risk Factors: 
  • Low commitment to school
  • Favourable attitudes to problem behaviour
  • Poor emotional control
  • Low social skills
  • Interaction with antisocial peers
  • Friends' use of drugs
Target Protective Factors: 
  • School opportunities for prosocial involvement
  • Schools rewards for prosocial involvement
  • Social skills
  • Emotional control
Community Indicators: 
  • School disorganisation
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Indicators of sexual risk taking behaviour
  • School bullying
  • Problems elevating in the high school years