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Costs Involved

Communities interested in undertaking the Communities That Care process should contact our team for more information about the costs involved.

There are costs associated with staffing, training and technical assistance, site registration, the CTC Youth Survey and evidence-based program implementation as detailed below.


At a minimum, CTC Ltd. recommends that communities appoint a Community Coordinator for 0.5 EFT. This position is integral to the CTC process, as the role of the Community Coordinator is to guide the community through the five phases of Communities That Care. The Community Coordinator is required to bring together and influence key stakeholders within the local community. It is important that the person in this role has a strong understanding of the local community, and ideally will be well-known within the community.

Training and technical assistance

Training and technical assistance are provided to communities by CTC Ltd. at each phase of the CTC process. Please contact our team for more information on training and technical assistance packages and pricing.

Site registration

A Site Registration Fee formally establishes the community as an official Communities That Care site. This fee is payable on completion of Phases 1 and 2, once the community has secured the commitment of stakeholders in the local CTC effort and established an organisational structure. Please contact our team for more information on pricing.

CTC Youth Survey

The survey is a key element of the Communities That Care process. Ideally, the survey will be administered to students in years 6, 8 and 10 in a minimum of two primary and two secondary schools within the community. CTC Ltd. will work with communities to identify the most appropriate schools to survey. Please contact our team for more information on pricing.

Evidence-based programs

In Phase 4 of the CTC process, communities identify 2 to 3 evidence-based programs for implementation in local settings. The costs will differ depending on the programs selected and may cover items such as staffing, training and resources. For more information on pricing please contact program providers.