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Training and Technical Assistance

Training events and technical assistance are provided to communities throughout the CTC process.

The training events at each CTC phase equip community stakeholders with the knowledge and resources necessary to complete the CTC milestones to a high standard.

The training events are as follows:

Phase 1: Get Started

Community Readiness Meetings
Community Coordinator & Line Manager Training

Phase 2: Get Organised

Key Leader Orientation
Community Board Orientation


Phase 3: Develop a Profile

Community Assessment Training
Community Resources Assessment Training


Phase 4: Create a Plan

Community Planning Training

Phase 5: Implement and Evaluate

Community Plan Implementation & Evaluation Training
Training for Program Implementers
Review Workshop

The Community Coordinator and Auspice Agency receive ongoing support and technical assistance from the team at CTC Ltd. This service ensures that community efforts are on track and provides opportunities for troubleshooting as necessary.