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Welcome to Communities that Care

Communities That Care (CTC) is an evidence-based, community-change process for reducing youth problem behaviours, including harmful substance use, low academic achievement, early school leaving, sexual risk-taking, and violence.

The CTC approach applies the most up-to-date knowledge and research to foster healthy behaviour and social commitment among children and youth.

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How it works

The Communities That Care process uses an early intervention and prevention framework to guide communities towards understanding their local needs, identifying and setting priorities, and implementing effective evidence-based strategies to address those needs.

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Getting Started

Communities That Care follows a five-phase process to increase community readiness for prevention. Find out more about Communities That Care and how to get your community involved in the process by contacting our Community Relations Officers.

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CTC Communities

Since 2002, an increasing number of communities across Australia have begun implementing the Communities That Care process to improve health and behaviour outcomes for local young people. Learn more about these communities and their progress through the CTC phases.

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Research & Evidence

Large trials in the US have demonstrated the Communities That Care process to be effective in reducing alcohol use, substance use, antisocial behaviour and improving academic performance for children and young people.

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Training & Resources

Registered communities can login to the secure section of our website to access training resources. Training and technical assistance is provided to communities to guide them through each of the five phases of the CTC process.

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